AMT worked with multiple package owners to complete the Voice & Data network across the whole refinery site including Wireless Local Area Network. AMT delivered this project successfully with our partners in a challenging environment where safety is a primary concern. Complex requirements from multiple specialty contractors for indoor and outdoor plant communication needs were listened to by our project management team so each stage of the network installation would fit with the Refinery section being developed at the right time in their overall plan.


The YASREF Refinery Project involves the construction and operation of a 400,000 barrel per day (bpd) integrated petroleum refinery in the Yanbu Industrial City located on the west coast of  Saudi Arabia along the Red Sea. As a full conversion facility, the refinery will process 100 percent Arabian Heavy Crude, maximizing the resource and producing gasoline, high quality diesel, and liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) as well as byproduct sulfur and petroleum coke for export. The refinery will include process units for the separation and conversion of the feed crude into finished products, utility and offsite systems to support the refinery operation, and associated feed, intermediate and product storage facilities.