Today’s consumers want access to media anywhere, anytime, on any device. An end-to-end IP network optimized for rich-media services act as medianet to meet these demands. AMT provides an IP platform that is network-aware, media-aware, and device-aware to deliver more personal, social, and interactive media experiences.

Thanks to low requirement of infrastructure development, public internet is the most cost efficient vehicle for content distribution, relative to traditional terrestrial, satellite, and cable signal distribution methods. In the rapidly growing IPTV market, AMT responds to customer demand swiftly and lead the cutting-edge technology

Deliver High-Quality IPTV Experiences

Employing IPTV technology help the customer:

  • Define the video experience with advanced headend and content delivery solutions
  • Preserve quality experiences with a video-aware distribution network
  • Realize rich-media experiences in the customer area