Wireless standards, coverage, hardware options and security are just some of the considerations that AMT can assist you with for a successful deployment of wireless local area networking (WLAN).

AMT provide IP-DECT wireless communications, which is cost efficient solution that combines the best of traditional thinking with all the promise of tomorrow.

Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) – With VoWiFi, mobile subscribers receive a seamless voice and messaging experience as they move between the macro cellular network and existing Wi-Fi networks such as those at home and the office.

Communicate Securely and Reliably

AMT offer the high-quality wireless voice communication that’s delivered by its products of mobile DECT handsets.

DECT incorporates high levels of security to protect against eavesdropping and unauthorized network access. It supports high densities of wireless voice communications, unaffected by heavy wireless LAN or other radio traffic.

To simplify management, AMT offer solutions to support remote configuration over the air or via cradle, 19 built-in user interface languages, and options for both IP DECT and ISDN DECT radio base stations.

With standard network connectors and Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality offred by AMT, the implementation and maintenance become simple and inexpensive.

Please Contact your AMT representative for assistance with any Wireless Solution.